NHL Hockey Mug – Drink Coffee Like a Pro !

NHL Hockey Mug

Seriously? Haven’t you ever dreamed of drinking your coffee in a pro mug? I mean, it is completely unique! Who doesn’t drink coffee? Probably only 10% of the population… I’m pretty sure your coffee will taste better in that mug. Well, you should at least give it a try. NHL Hockey Teams coffee mugs are awesome and for those of you who collect mugs, it is a must!

Imagine how cool you would be with your friends and family with your mug collection. They sure will ask you where you got it.

Drink Coffee With Your Favorite NHL Hockey Teams

Imagine drinking coffee every single morning with a nice Pittsburgh Penguin‘s mug or Winnipeg Jets’ mug or whatever your favorite team is. You must admit it is very cool. (This picture on the right just shows the Penguins‘ one because it is the coolest 😀 )

Drink/Put Whatever You Want In Your NHL Mug

I’m talking a lot about coffee but… what about an excellent hot chocolate during freezing days ? Hum… I can smell and even taste the chocolate since it is even better in my Montreal Canadian’s mug.

Every time I go play hockey outside and it’s -20 C, immediately when I get back home I need my hot chocolate in another one of my special mugs, the Vancouver Canucks. I can assure you it feels completely different and I’m happy drinking my hot chocolate. I feel I’ve accomplished something and that my favorite NHL hockey team encourages me.

Don’t you want to feel the same way?

You could even use is it as a pencil case! Don’t you think it would be AMAZING to have your personalized pencil case on your work table?! Seeing your favorite hockey team every time you work to encourage you to not give up, the day is almost over! Hum I think you would like that. Just think of how cool you will be, your friends asking where you got it and how a good idea you had.

Think about it.

Invite Friends and Serve Them a Hot Beverage in Their Favorite Mug

Even better, for your next sleep party with your friends, you could serve them what they want in a mug they would wish to have the same. Then you’ll watch a movie and they’ll ask for more just because of your amazing mug I’m sure!

Be a Real Fan of Your Favorite NHL Hockey Team

You probably watch every game of your favorite team playing on TV, right? And you probably have your own jersey with the name of your favorite player, right? And this jacket is probably signed by all the players on the team when you finally were able to reach them, right?

Oh and maybe you have a nice poster of your favorite player or favorite team in your bedroom so you can always take a look of how good they are to you. Well, why wouldn’t you have a nice, simple mug to your list of accessories as a fan? It’s small, not expensive AND it is so valuable to your eyes because it is of your FAVORITE hockey team! I think you should not hesitate anymore.

If you want to go out… I have the solution!

You know, you get up late in the morning, you don’t have time to drink your coffee slowly by reading the news. You have to hurry otherwise you will be late to work… Solution : with an amazing ”mug” tumbler of the Pittsburgh Penguins (I’m terribly sorry but… It’s my favorite team… Feel free to check out your favorite team products 😉 ) you won’t be panic anymore to hurry because you’ll be able to drink your coffee while going to work, in your FAVORITE tumbler!

Isn’t it awesome ? Yeah, I know.

Drink Like a Pro Now!

Now you’re ready to add to your collection a nice little mug that will make you smile every morning when you’ll drink your coffee or every time you’ll come back from a big day at work and drink your hot chocolate.

If you want, you can even only keep it as a decoration, it is as you want! But for sure, you definitely need one to encourage your favorite NHL hockey team.


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