NHL Clothing For Women – Girls, it’s time to show your true colors!

Girls, tell me. How many times it happened people didn’t believe you were playing hockey? For me, it happened many times. But you know what, telling these people I was playing hockey WITH BOYS (imagine their faces) was one of the best feeling I ever had. Being proud of who I am and what I like to do. Doing my passion for me and not for others. It is not always easy to affirm yourself in front of judgment of others, even harder when you are young, but you have to if you want to live what you love most.

In this article I just want to share with you various clothing/articles that I used to wear back in the days when I was playing hockey regularly. It’s simple clothing, with my favorite team on it (Pittsburgh Penguins don’t forget 😉 ) but it had an important meaning for me since it had not been always easy playing hockey with boys.

Also, I want to share with you these clothing/accessories so you can find yourself the one that you prefer and so you can add it to your dressing. Have a good reading!

The Hoodie

Ah! This Hoodie. You cannot understand how important this clothing was and still is. I must have AT LEAST (minimum) 10 hoodies but I must admit they are not only NHL Hockey hoodies, sorry about that. In fact, I wanted to buy a new Pittsburgh Penguins Hoodie real soon, it’s missing in my dressing and I don’t have enough hoodies you know…

Seriously, what is so important for me about the hoodie? Well, like I said I played a part of my career with boys, but I also played with girls, which was really fun but mostly, it was really different. The game is completely different, but anyway, that’s not the point here. While I was playing with a girls’ team, we paid to make hoodies with our own colors and logo on it. And more, we added ”HOCKEY” on the backside, playing the role of our names.

These hoodies were really meaningful because when we were wearing it either at school, or when we were shopping, or going to the grocery, etc. we were PROUD to show others we CAN play hockey and yes, WE ARE GIRLS! We were proud to show our true colors : girls CAN play hockey even if it’s a boys’ sport (back in the days mostly because today it’s easier for girls to play and I am really happy about that).

And one of the principal reason a have a huge amount of hoodies is because… It is so damn comfortable! Seriously, during winter there is not a single day I don’t wear one. It keeps me warm and comfy, I cannot wish better clothing for a long day at school.

Now let’s check what is available on the market. (The next hoodies I will show are Pittsburgh Penguins but if you have another favorite team, if you click on the link, you will probably find your favorite.)

The first one is a simple hoodie, not too warm, just perfect for a fresh day.

  • You can find it on Amazon.CA;
  • Price is between 34,99$-83,97$ (depends on the team);
  • It is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester so it looks pretty comfortable and fun to wear;
  • Let’s check some reviews :


The second hoodie looks more like a ”training” hoodie but still, seems really comfortable.

  • You can find it on Amazon.CA;
  • Price is between 44,42$-70,88$ which is pretty interesting for this nice comfy hoodie;
  • Here are some reviews :


The third hoodie I found you is a little different, it has a zipper on the front. I’m sad because there is no Pittsburgh Penguins for this one so I took the Chicago Blackhawks as example (there are other teams available!)

  • You can find it on Amazon.CA
  • Price is between 56,06$-291,65$ (depends on the team again)
  • Some reviews (it seems really appreciated by the buyers, I might consider to buy one even if it’s not Pittsburgh Penguins :O ) :


The Coat

Now, what about the coat. I was more wearing this during winter (kinda normal don’t you think ahah) so I was mainly proud, again, that others see what sport I was playing when I was going out. I talk a lot about pride because it is the principal feeling I had by wearing these but one of the main reasons coats exist is : the team was wearing all the same coat for the game outside the city. It was a way to show what team we were and where we came from.

I’m talking about my own coat I had when I played hockey, so not an NHL coat but I would lie if I say I didn’t want to have one of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Unfortunately, I never had one but this is another Penguins’ product I would like to buy.

NHL Clothing For Women are more and more available and affordable so it would be a mistake that I miss this opportunity, and so it would be for you! 😉

The T-shirtNHL Clothing For Women

T-shirt are mostly worn by men but today it is more and more easy to find NHL t-shirt for women and that is really cool. It is another type of clothing that I been always proud of wearing and showing my colors. It often happened that I wore men t-shirts because I didn’t find one for girls and I liked it so much I couldn’t, not by it.

For summer, t-shirt are amazing and even during the hockey break you can encourage your favorite team with style. There is so much design available today it is completely crazy. I could talk a lot about clothing design but that is not the subject here ahah. 😀

I usually wore t-shirt when I was training either with the girls or the boys. And still today this is what I wear when I go training. I have to admit that during my hockey career, I was given a ton of t-shirt! It is so easy to produce and just put a logo on it, I think I have one for each team I played for. Today I’m wearing them when I train and it reminds me my good old hockey days.

The Cap

THE CAP! Yes as a girl I wore and still wear a CAP! I love that my hair doesn’t go all in my face when I run outside or when I train in the gym. And more, I can wear a cap of my favorite hockey team.

Seriously, every time I had a game I was wearing a cap and I felt great. It’s a nice accessory to wear and it is not expensive. I think you should wear a cap too.

Whatever you like, just wear it!

Girls, whatever you are wearing, be PROUD of wearing it. And don’t let others’ judgement affect you, you decide what YOU want to wear and what YOUR style is, it is YOUR choice.

Now excuse me, like I told you in the previous paragraphs, I wanted to buy a hoodie, a coat, another t-shirt, a cap…… and show the world I am a HOCKEY GIRL! 😀

4 thoughts on “NHL Clothing For Women – Girls, it’s time to show your true colors!”

  1. Pretty true, some girls should get with it and don some NHL fashion!. I do quite like that NHL Hoodie for my girlfriend. Do they come in different teams and sizes?

    • Hello Derek ! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 And yes you can find them in different sizes and teams right here. The model shown in my article is written ”for men” but it surely can fit for a woman (I would buy it for myself!). This model is available for a couple of teams, I hope you can find the one she likes 🙂

  2. I think T-shirt and Hoodie looks really good and it should perfectly fit any girl. By the way Pittsburgh Penguins is one of just few ice hockey teams from NHL I know, because Lithuanian guy used to play there Darius Kasparaitis, I’m from Lithuania myself and ice hockey isn’t very popular there, but I always though that ice hockey T-shirts and hoodies looks really good. Do you know where is best to buy Pittsburgh Penguins hoodie for men?

    • Hey Marius! It’s nice to know you are interested in ice hockey even if it’s not popular in your country! For sure I know where you can buy one. 🙂 Directly on PureHockey you can find many hoodies for men or on Amazon you can find some too. Thanks for your comment and I hope you can find a hoodie you like!


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