Hockey Socks – Encourage your favorite team even with your feet

What? Socks? Seriously? SOCKS? … Yes? Why not? Socks are something that you probably hate to buy because they are expensive and you’ll probably lose one of the socks in the next month… So you no longer have the pair and you’ll have to buy some more. That’s sad don’t you think? Personally, I hate buying socks so I wait until my mom buys some for me. 😀 The ONLY exception I would buy socks for is… hockey socks. Let me explain to you why so YOU can be as happy as me to buy hockey socks.

Be different, be confident, be you

You know, what characterizes ourselves is our actions, our attitude, our way to speak, our way to express ourselves, our dressing style, our thinking… And I could go on and on. We are the only one who can define ourselves. You like to wear bandannas every day and sweatpants? That’s fine, do it.

Well, if you want to wear socks with a dog picture on it, you can but… definitely hockey socks would be better. 😉 But WHY you must say. Read the following.

I’m girl who has been playing hockey for 13 years now and I love it. I played at least half of my ”career” with boys and it had not been easy to make my place. And so, because it is a sport recognized for boys, when I was telling people I was playing hockey they hardly believed it. I have never been a ”big” girl neither so it didn’t help, people thinking I was too fragile to play hockey. So why hockey socks would be important ? Why are you telling us all this ?

Wearing socks with my favorite NHL hockey team is showing that I’m proud to wear them and to be a hockey fan/player. It is subtle, not as big as a jersey or a t-shirt. It is showing that hockey is a part of my personality (and my life) and I’m proud to play a sport that mostly boys play.

And more, they are very comfortable.

So yes, I have my little story of WHY I like to wear hockey socks but it’s not because you don’t have a story that you can’t. You should wear hockey socks because you LOVE your favorite team and you want to encourage them even with your feet! Or you can wear them only because they are super cool, original and comfortable. 😉

Characteristics of These Amazing Hockey Socks

  • They are made of COTTON, so that’s why they are VERY comfortable;
  • You have two pairs of your favorite hockey team;
  • They are athletic socks;
  • They have an arch support.


That makes these socks perfect if you’re about to go play hockey outside (or inside) or just chill with your friends.

In any case, you’ll have style and you’ll be proud to wear your colors!

Let me know in the comment if you buy some what you think.



4 thoughts on “Hockey Socks – Encourage your favorite team even with your feet”

  1. Hi Audrey,
    What a great idea. I have never thought about buying hockey socks. I am like you and really don’t like buying sock. As a matter of fact I would rather go barefoot!

    I think they would make great gifts for friends and family who are hockey players like yourself or fans like me.
    Although I haven’t played hockey, I do like to watch my favorite team… especially in the playoffs.

    I’m definitely into wearing clothing that are made of natural fabrics. I like that these socks are made of cotton and the arch support is a bonus for me as I have really high arches.

    Thanks for writing about this awesome idea – I will definitely consider purchasing a pair of hockey socks for those nights when I’m relaxing and watching the game!

  2. I have a several shirts and a pair of shorts with the Blues on them. I do have a pair of hockey socks, when I use to play back in the day. I never thought about wearing socks for my team.
    Most of the time we go to games we have to dress warm because of the ice, I guess to show of my hockey socks I would have to wear them with shorts.



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