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Just kidding, there is no warning, I just want you to have a nice visit on my website and take advantage of everything you can find here. The main goal of this website is that you DON’T have to search for an article, you click on your favorite hockey team page and BINGO, there is the nice hoodie you were looking for! Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, recommendations or whatever you think about you would like to share with me. Let me explain you in more details what you’ll find in the next pages.

Here you can find most any Jersey from your favorite NHL Hockey Teams. Some have a link to their history, this link will bring you on another page that explains each team’s jersey history very easily. You can also find various articles that maybe you never thought (would exist!) (BTW, if you find something really cool elsewhere and it is not on this website, please send me an email on the contact page!)

On my blog page, I review various hockey products that I previously had an experience with or haven’t yet. I want to create a discussion with others hockey fans so I encourage you to drop me a comment on my articles and share with me your own experience, I’ll be pleased to read you. 🙂

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