Hey Hockey Fans !

My name is Audrey and welcome to my NHL Clothes & Accessories website. Hockey has been a passion of mine since I was 10 years old and mostly like every kid out there who loves hockey, I had and still have an NHL favorite team, which is the Pittsburgh Penguins. In fact, every accessory or jacket, t-shirt, whatever the object it was, I asked my mom and dad if I could have it because it was my favorite team on it.

Being a kid from Canada, I was able to play hockey whenever I wanted because of all the rings outside made up during winter season. While I was playing hockey outside with my friends, for sure we were all wearing our favorite jersey and giving us the name of our favorite player.

I want to give you the chance to find everything you wish to have from your favorite NHL team.

A Little Story About My Hockey Experience

I started to play hockey when I was 12 as a goalie. Since there wasn’t many girls of my age, I had to play with the boys but it wasn’t that bad. My first year was difficult, because I had never played as a goalie before and playing with boys taller and stronger than you can be intimidating. But still, I did it and l loved it.

I played as a goalie for 3 years and then I wanted more of a challenge so I decided to become a forward player. I loved to skate and as a goalie it wasn’t really about skating… I played hockey at school every day since I was 20. It was some awesome years.

And still, I was following and watching my favorite team!

The Reason Why My Website Exists

So many articles are available now online but it’s hard to find them all easily. This website wants to help you find every article, whatever it is, as quick as possible and easy as possible. You probably have kids at home waiting for Christmas time to receive their new jersey of the Montreal Canadian team and you want to find one not too expensive and of great quality.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them in the Contact Page and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Owner of NHL Clothes & Accessories